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SI “Friendship” status is extended to individuals dedicated to Dr. Rolf’s work. For GSI Practitioners, Rolfers, Hellerworkers, IPSB Structural Integration graduates, we ask for an annual $150 “subscriber” fee to enjoy the services we offer. For others who simply want to remain in contact and receive our newsletter, we ask for donations. Donations continue to help us provide scholarship funds, maintain our web site, public service and general operating expenses.alt

The Guild seeks to support its Friends with the following services and events:

  • The “Guild Online,” a newsletter dedicated to the free exchange of information about our work and related subjects, announcements and class schedules.
  • Updating catalogs, brochures, videos and other related educational materials.
  • Maintain and continue development of high quality basic trainings and (a voluntary) continuing education program; and access to experienced instructors for tutorials and individual client counseling.
  • Listing on the Guild’s Web site.
  • Distribution of general information and a listing (directory) of practitioners of Structural Integration.

The Guild also offers professional and personal support that is rare in the world. We are a mature and established community, built with common goals, and as such, the networking among practitioners and the active support from the office is great. The Guild maintains a toll-free number so that Practitioners, as well as students, applicants and others may stay in touch over the years. Communication is a central theme at the Guild office. We have an “open door” policy for those interested in observing classes or attending events that are offered. We welcome all inquiries and are able to discuss, at length, each person’s situation regarding preparation for training and provide support for those already practicing.

For more information about becoming a Guild member or if you are interested in making a donation to the Guild, please contact us by phone at 801-696-1169 or email: [email protected]

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