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Shiho Sato, Japan Board Representitive

Shiho is an active practitioner of Structural Integration and teacher of Naturopathy in Sapporo, Japan since starting her practice of bodywork and wellness education, Rolf Balance, in 2007. After a 15-year career in Physical Therapy specializing in central nervous system disorders, Shiho was influenced by the pivotal and delightfully awakening trainings of admired teacher Emmett Hutchins. Shiho earned her Practitioner of Structural Integration Certificate from the Guild for Structural Integration in 2007, and continued on to earn Advanced Practitioner certification in 2009. In 2010, Shiho translated and published A Dynamic Relationship to Gravity by Edward P. Maupin in order to expand the awareness of Structural Integration in Japanese wellness culture. Shiho seeks to continually broaden and develop her skills with clients, supporting their wellness using classical Structural Integration principles, as well as coordinating and teaching specific topic-focused workshops.

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