Application Process

To apply for the Basic Training program submit all of the following application items:alt

Please submit application materials at least two months prior to the class starting dates. All course fees are due in full one month prior to each class. Early registration is encouraged.

Letter of Application. (Typewritten please) This is the heart of the application in which you communicate who you are…who you are becoming…and what major events and influences have helped shape you. Include a detailed discussion of how your Structural Integration/Rolfing sessions have affected your body, your movement and your life. Be specific. Discuss why you want to be trained in the work of Structural Integration.

Photographs. Submit one recent photo of yourself

Education & Work Experience. (Typewritten please) Using an outline form, summarize your educational and employment history; massage/bodywork training and experience: your participation in other trainings and workshops; and leisure-time pursuits. List your mailing address, telephone number(s), the date and place of your birth and your current height and weight.

Letters of Recommendation. You may obtain letters of recommendation from your Structural Integration Practitioner(s) and include them in your application or have them sent directly to the Guild office. (Please note: if you have difficulty in obtaining these letters, discuss this with the Guild staff.)

Transcripts. Please provide transcripts of your studies in human anatomy and human physiology and other courses related to preparation for Structural Integration training. If courses have been audited or taken for no credit, ask each instructor to write a letter discussing your participation in the class.


Massage Diploma/Certificate/transcript. These materials along with a letter from your instructor or other credentials need to be included in your application.

Application materials may be sent to:

The Guild for Structural Integration
150 S. 600 E. Suite 1A 
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

(800) 447-0150 (Toll free in USA and CANADA)
(801) 696-1169

Stacy Jenkins, School Director, [email protected]

Upon acceptance into the program, we will send to you an enrollment agreement, Standards of Practices, Code of Ethics, and a request for the refundable class deposit and $100 administrative setup fee (non-refundable).