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Guild for Structural Integration

The Guild for Structural Integration was founded and named by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the mid-sixties. Today the Guild for Structural Integration (GSI) is an association of Structural Integration practitioners and associates who are dedicated to preserving Dr. Rolf’s teaching and work. Association with the Guild implies not only a commitment to professional excellence in the performance of Dr. Rolf’s standard ten-session series of Structural Integration, it also indicates a resolution to explore a path of personal growth which includes the transcendental vertical line.

Our Basic Training Program

The principles and structural techniques expressed in Dr. Ida Rolf’s series for ten Structural Integration sessions are the core of the Guild’s Basic Training Program. This 540-hour certification program is completed residentially in an 8-week Phase II and a 9-week Phase III, according to Dr. Rolf's traditional format— first by successfully completing the Basic Training class as an “Auditor" (Phase II) and then returning as a “Practitioner” (Phase III). With the successful completion of Phases I-III, a GSI graduate will be eligible to apply to the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) as well as the Certification Exam for Structural Integration (CESI) offered through the Certification Board for Structural Integration (CBSI).  

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Phase 1

190 hours
5 Weeks

The Guild's Prerequisite is an intensive 190-hour, five-week series of classes designed for students who require formal bodywork training and are seeking massage licensure. This phase allows students to gain the foundational skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an Auditor and Practitioner of Dr. Ida P. Rolf's Method of Structural Integration and beyond.

Basic Training
Phase 11 Auditor
250 hours
8 Weeks

Convinced that “seeing” presented a most difficult yet essential and important task for practitioners, Dr. Rolf created Auditing so that students could begin to train their sight before doing their work. Today, auditors in GSI classes principally observe sessions, participate in lectures, have group discussions and engage in other learning activities as part of their experience. Basic 10-Series session exchanges are not performed by the auditors during this part of the training, although palpation skills applicable to SI sessions are explored.

Basic Training
Phase 111 Practitioner
290 hours
9 Weeks

The Practitioner Class concentrates on manipulative instruction and practice by students who have successfully completed the Auditing Class. During the weeks of Structural Integration studies, each student practitioner works with models who receive the standard ten sessions of Structural Integration. In this phase, the student practitioner also exchanges the ten sessions with a designated partner. The ninth and final week before completion is “Practitioner in Practice,”  a week-long clinic.

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