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The Prerequisite Course

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The Guild’s Prerequisite Course is an intensive, in depth, integrative approach to anatomy, physiology and myofascial bodywork. With extensive, independent home study before class and practice hours after class; this four-week course is a unique experience for the student pursuing the Guild’s Basic Training. The anatomy and physiology is taught from the perspective of Structural Integration. Our bodywork training begins with a foundational full-body, integrative massage to enable the student to practice and become familiar with the experience of working through the body with the whole person. Then a number of significant contemporary bodywork modalities and an introduction to myofascial work are covered to round out the the student’s perspective and prepare them for the basic SI course. Additional time is spent at various points looking at concepts in body/mind unity, therapeutic relationship and ethical considerations. This course is primarily designed for the beginner but the seasoned therapist can also benefit. We strongly recommend starting your training with this course. (530 Hours)

Required study and completed plates in the Anatomy Coloring Book must be done prior to attendance. Preparatory information and a required reading list are sent to those who enroll and it is not uncommon to spend a few months of serious study before coming to class. Taking an anatomy and physiology course prior to this class is highly recommended.

An application is required. Call and talk to the GSI staff at (303) 447-0122 for more details concerning this course.

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