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Structural Integration

Continuing Education Workshops

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Continuing Education (“CE”) is an essential part of a GSI Practitioner’s development and refinement. The Guild offers workshops to assist practitioners in their growth and development in the work throughout the year, in different locations. We recommend that a practitioner take at least one workshop before entering the GSI Advanced Training. This is a recommendation and is by no means a requirement to entering Advanced Training. Workshops explore post ten work in the format of an Advanced Three Series; or they specialize in different aspects of helping the practitioner to understand their work better. Courses cover a variety of subjects such as three series/post-ten work, application of principles of structural integration to working with scoliosis and the use of movement re-education in the integrative process.

Upcoming Events

Date Course Location Instructor Fee
Feb 11, 2015 - Feb 17, 2015 Valentine's 4 Handed Workshop Kauai, HI Emmett Hutchins $850
Jul 09, 2015 - Jul 12, 2015 Four-Day Workshop in Zurich Zurich, Switzerland Neal Powers $550
Sep 23, 2015 - Sep 29, 2015 Fall 4 Handed Workshop Salt Lake City, UT Emmett Hutchins & Neal Powers $850