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Structural Integration

Structural Integration Training Program

Thank you for your interest in the Guild for Structural Integration’s Training program. We are happy that you want to learn about the vision and the traditional teachings of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. We trust you will sense the love, dedication and inspired purpose present in the Guild’s work.

Rolfing is hands-onGuild associates have had their lives changed by Dr. Rolf’s work and her original teachings. We believe that the process of becoming a GSI Practitioner may also transform your life and the lives of those you touch. We hope so, for Dr. Rolf called her work “a way of life.” When asked what she meant, she stated, “I mean being conscious, at least part of the time, about which way is up.” Thus, we firmly believe that the work of Structural Integration creates individuals who are more upright in all areas of their lives; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The goal of SI is to maximize human potential by enlisting the supportive benefits of the gravitational field we live in; creating a more balanced, vertical and integrated human being. And as we know, anyone can go deeply into a body; we here at the Guild promote an intelligent touch and way of seeing structure in the gravitational field that emphasizes integration based on Dr. Rolf’s theories and principles.

We are aware that there are now individuals and various schools that offer trainings in structural integration; so why choose to train at the Guild? We address that in the statement that we are a school and a community that is solely dedicated to the traditional teachings of Dr. Rolf, with our senior Instructors being the first teachers she appointed to carry on her teachings. They have had over thirty years of experience in teaching and developing Dr. Rolf’s work. Their personal contact with Dr. Rolf and their personal commitment to the work of Structural Integration has inspired SI practitioners worldwide.

Group training utilizes live subjectsThe Guild offers GSI practitioners and other selected schools whose founders had direct contact with Dr. Rolf, the opportunity to participate in a continuing education program, and to join a community of other SI practitioners who are highly unique and talented individuals. The staff at the Guild provides and maintains an office and school that is personable and attentive to your needs in ordering brochures, talking about trainings or fielding questions to the Instructors. The Guild continually updates an SI Practitioners list which is also included on our web site, and publishes an annual magazine with class information and interesting articles and announcements. Our staff is here to serve you and the larger community.

We realize that the choice to become a GSI Practitioner is a life-transforming process that requires study, practice, resources and a commitment to the goal. We are here to assist you in reaching that goal.

Please look over the following pages and contact us again with your questions and concerns about your situation regarding the trainings. For a copy of the current GSI school catalog please click here (pdf format requires Adobe Acrobat or other pdf compatible software).

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