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GSI Faculty


Neal Powers

Neal received his basic training and advanced training with Dr. Rolf starting in 1971 at Esalen. He become a member of the faculty of the Rolf Institute in 1980 and continues today as a teacher for the Guild of Structural Integration. Neal has a great ability to clearly deliver the principles and theories of the SI work, and with his amazing sense of humor, strong spiritual and family base, he has become a guiding light for many practitioners.

Neal is currently the President of the Guild and was the President of the Rolf Institute for six years. Neal has devoted his life to spreading the theory and practice of Dr. Rolf’s work to his many students around the world. He has taught in China, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and across the United States and Canada. Neal has a well-established private practice in San Francisco that he started in 1973.


Nilce Silveira

Nilce completed her Rolf training in 1983. She is based in São Paulo, Brazil where she earned her Degree in Psychology. Nilce became interested in SI when she saw its remarkable effects on the human psyche. She taught psychology and body awareness for the Rolf Institute following her graduation.

Nilce has been with the Guild since its beginning. She is a cherished member of the Guild’s faculty and a true artist practitioner. She brings her bilingual skills and intense love of the work to the classroom. Nilce was also instrumental in establishing Rolf trainings with influential teachers in her home country.

Having worked for many years alongside Dr. Rolf’s chosen teachers of Structural Integration, Nilce is now recognized as an expert in her own right. She remains committed to establishing Dr. Rolf’s work internationally, and in strengthening its position in today’s marketplace. Presently, she maintains a private practice in Sao Paulo and teaches internationally for the Guild in the United States and Japan. Through her workshops and mentorships at home and abroad, Nilce enriches the quality of work and depth of understanding of Structural Integration practitioners throughout the word.


Amber Leigh Burnham

Amber has been practicing therapeutic bodywork since 1995 after graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy (UCMT) Professional Program. In 1999, she also completed the Clinical Career Track and the Structural Integration Track at UCMT. She was fortunate to work with UCMT founder Norm Cohn, and Steven Padgen for her initial training in the 10 sessions of Structural Integration, and later with Andy Crow. In 1999, Cohn asked her to revise and teach UCMT’s movement class. Thus began her love of teaching – a love that has continued to the present.

Norm and Andy, both trained by Ida Rolf in the 1970’s, instilled in Amber a respect for the Guild for Structural Integration (GSI). She completed her Advanced Five Series training with Emmett Hutchins. In addition to her teaching at UCMT, she has gained extensive experience serving on the GSI faculty in Kauai, Hawaii, and Boulder Colorado.

Amber’s approach to Structural Integration comes from the basic principle that the human body is a self-healing organism.  When all the parts of the body fit together, move freely and are functioning properly, then health and well being become our natural state instead of pain and discomfort.

Whether she is helping someone with chronic pain or helping athletes increase their performance, this basic principle is the underlying foundation for all of her work.

Amber continually enjoys working the intelligence of Ida’s ten session system while keeping each individual’s goals and concerns in hand to create a unique experience.

When she is not practicing bodywork Amber enjoys laughing with family and friends, traveling, and spending time with her two pugs.


Elisa Jane Noel

Elisa graduated from Southern Illinois University with a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Weber State University. Through her tenure in physical education, Elisa has developed a thriving sports and wellness based career – including teaching a variety of physical education courses for her alma mater at Southern Illinois, working as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and conditioning coach for the Women’s Basketball program at Salt Lake Community College.

In 2006 Elisa attended Utah College of Massage Therapy and became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Shortly after, in 2007, Elisa attended the Guild for Structural Integration (GSI) to become a Certified Structural Integration Practitioner. In 2009 Elisa studied again under renowned Emmett Hutchins, earning her Advanced Structural Integration certificate.

While developing a substantive massage therapy and Structural Integration clientele, Elisa has continued in her passion for teaching. In addition to her extensive background in sports and fitness education, Elisa has assisted Basic 10 Series classes, Advanced Training and a wide variety of continuing education workshops. She continues to engage her scientific background in research based writing, the development of continuing education courses, and the creation of cadaver based dissection courses. Elisa looks forward to developing curriculum and incorporating Functional Fitness movement based exercises to support her clients and students at Center For Length. The combination of Elisa’s passion, knowledge and education positions her as a natural and respected leader in the Structural Integration community.

GSI Administrative Staff

Stacy Jenkins - School Director

Amy Grier – Director of Education