The Guild for Structural Integration (GSI) is an association of Structural Integration practitioners and associates who pledge to persevere through the long-term personal challenges which Dr. Rolf’s teaching and work present. Association with the Guild implies not only a commitment to professional excellence in the performance of Dr. Rolf’s standard ten-session series of Structural Integration, it also indicates a resolution to explore a path of personal growth which includes the transcendental vertical line.

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Instructor Elisa Noel and assistant instructor Weston Horne (bottom center) pictured with the participants of the Fall Basic Training class in Salt Lake City, Utah


1. How did you become involved with the Guild?
I was trained by Ida Rolf in 1969 and my training partner was Emmett Hutchins. So I was honored to be there at the very beginning of things.

2. Tell me about the evolution of your practice.
Because I came to structural integration from a dance background, my primary interest in the work has always been movement. I was lucky to study with Judith Aston when she was still associated with Dr. Rolf, and later with numerous movement instructors who carried forward Judith's legacy at both the Rolf Guild and Rolf Institute. Since 1992 I've been profoundly influenced by the work of Hubert Godard. Godard is a French movement theorist who works with gravity as a perceptual response rather than as a postural midline. That is what I've brought into my own teaching and into the books I've written to share this view of the body with the general public. I have recently retired from ten years as chair of the Movement Faculty of the Rolf Institute.

3. How has learning the Rolf Method changed your own life?
Practicing Structural Integration has taught me to be compassionate and connected with others. It has taught patience and surrender and humility. There is no end to the study of the human body/being. Rolf's work is at the heart of the message that I've tried to share with others through my writing.

4. What was your most profound moment with a client?
There have been so many in a career spanning almost forty years. The first one that comes to mind is a six-year-old who was being shunned by his peers because he couldn't run and play.  His dancer stepmother noticed something funny about his legs and brought him to me. After the fourth hour he was running and jumping normally. That was a pretty important life shift for that little guy.

5. What is the one word you would use to describe your experience with the 10 series?
Life altering-oh, that's two words-transformational.  A good Ten Series helps the recipient connect more deeply with his or her own talent and truth.

6. Any closing remarks?
I look forward to sharing my approach to working with the shoulder girdle in Salt Lake City, November 17-19 (Shoulders and Self-Expression). People carry so much tension in the upper girdle but often don't experience sustainable relief from manual release of that tension.  Shoulders take on the responsibility of holding everything together. What's needed is not only to release the tensions, but also to experience other ways of experiencing stability and safety.  

The Shoulder Girdle: Support for Self-Expression with Mary Bond starts November 17th.  Click here for more information.


The principles and structural techniques expressed in Ida Rolf ’s series for ten Structural Integration sessions are the core of the Guild’s Basic Training Program. Basic Training consists of two phases: Auditing Class and Practitioning Class. Each phase is eight weeks in duration and each class begins with one week of Integrative Anatomy. The ensuing seven weeks of instruction focus on Structural Integration studies.

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Have your listing on the Guild’s Website.  SI “Friendship” status is extended to individuals dedicated to Dr. Rolf’s work. For GSI Practitioners, Rolfers, Hellerworkers, IPSB Structural Integration graduates, we ask for an annual $150 “subscriber” fee to enjoy the services we offer.  Or donate to help with scholarships, maintain our Website, public service and general operating expenses.

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